Warning: This is a WIP(Work in Progress)

Every time I start writing a post and try to think of a title, I can’t think of one. Lemme hope that i will be able to come up with a title by the end of this post.

  • As i frittered away the night to write this blog, a question flashed in my mind. How much of our daily time do we spend ( or waste? ) on checking/re-checking/re-re-checking mails or on googling for trivial stuff? I heard about this word ‘Infomania‘ today. When i looked at the wiki pages, i felt that it’s meaning was somewhat incomplete. Shouldn’t infomania encompass a more wider range of activities carried over the internet? ( Mind it. I didn’t say computer 😀 )
  • On an unavoidable visit to a temple in India, I was awestruck by the way some trusts are building temples and milking money from people. I got a feeling that the number of babas has definitely increased over the past decade. There seems to be real (un)healthy competition in that profession as well. Why don’t parents consider this as a lucrative profession for their kids? A profession that offers every possible comfort that one can possibly think of.
  • Look back into the past? It ain’t a crime. Sum up what you have done over the last few years. Cling to it! Nah! On a starting note, I definitely seem to have a wider range of memories from my short stint at TML. Experiences, the traces of which are no longer in your mind but nevertheless have made you learn something out of them. Whether it was related with me trying to communicate across in a language that I haven’t spoken much often or to those moments when I tried to handle those larger than life contraptions which could be sold more easily than many other things in India. Ah! They could be sold easily as we didn’t have a choice. You had to pick the best among the worst. And slowly, i guess that’s changing and the pioneers of the indian automobile evolution have woken up and took note of this fact. (No offence meant)
  • You intend to concentrate on something. But, your mind doesn’t slacken it’s grip from what you perceive as unimportant. Your mind’s blocked. It’s in such a ravaged state that you cannot get it to concentrate on any other task. And all that you could do is write this crap. You aren’t sure about the one thing that’s on top of your mind. On a closing note, let me tell ya that I tried hard to pick up some ingredients that i could add to the cauldron of thoughts in my mind. Now, when i read the above post, I can be sure that the reader doesn’t get the original flavor of those thoughts.

P.S: Your comments would make this post even more fuzzier.


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