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EU Film Festival

The EU Film Festival is being held for 11th time this year in India.It is held once in every two years. Just wondering how i wasn't aware of this in the past. Anywayz, a very good collection of movies are being screened at the festival to promote socio-economic and cultural interaction between EU and India.

By the way, there is no entry fee for the festival. Still wondering how a ticketless event promotes economic interaction?? [:D]

The Turkish Connection [:D]

The movies on the first day were Kebab Connection and Under the Stars. While the first one was a romantic comedy between a turkish guy who wants to direct the first kung-fu film in germany and a german girl who is fond of theatre. The second was about a young greek survivor of the turkish invasion who visits his village to re-collect his childhood memories.

Did u notice the turkish connection??

More Info:
Kebab Connection

Kebab Connection

Listen to the second track on the website. It is damn good.

Kato apo ta asteria(Under the stars)

Under the Stars

EU Film Festival

EU Flag at the venue.

I was able to cover 8 out of the 15 movies screened during the week. The movie i liked the most was "Koirankynnen leikkaaja"(Dog Nail Clipper).

Peter Franzén, who played the main character in the movie has won the finnish Oscar-equivalent "Best Actor" award for his role.


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