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About the movie ‘Public Enemies’

I’ve just seen the trailer of this wonderful movie starring Johnny Depp. Releasing at a time when banks are facing public’s ire, the story of criminals who robbed banks during the great depression(I ain’t gonna capitalize the G and D ’cause it ain’t great anymore :P) would definitely be a big hit. The trailer has Johnny Depp saying this to a customer “We are here for the bank’s money, not yours. Put it away.” Another movie I am waiting for Micheal Moore’s movie about the bankers who caused the current crisis. Good time to cash in on the anger against the bankers.


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From iPhone

Watching Monster-in-Law on TV and writing this crap to check the wordpress app on my iPhone. Thinking I am jobless? Ads are playing on the TV. That’s why!!!

Okay. That’s a photo of the London Eye that I took the other night 😉

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